Bleach Misconceptions

Addressing the myths about bleach

We suspect there are two reasons for confusion about bleach. The first and likely the most significant is concern about chlorine. Even though bleach has an entirely different chemistry -- it is derived from sodium chloride (common table salt) and there is no free chlorine in the final product -- bleach is commonly referred to as chlorine bleach. So the concerns about chlorine have extended to household bleach.

Second, concern may stem from the verbiage related to the registration of bleach. Some bleach products are EPA registered disinfectants, which means they are classified as pesticides -- along with agricultural pesticides --even though it is primarily a public health disinfectant. It can be confusing because of public perceptions relating to the term "pesticide". Clorox is working to educate the public regarding the differences between traditional agricultural pesticides and public health pesticides.